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After Hours Dentist in Clayton, NCDo pressing oral health concerns always happen within regular business hours? Of course they don't, and your dentist in Clayton, NC, Dr. H. Russell Challenger, knows that. That's why he's your true after hours dentist. At Challenger Family Dental, Dr. Challenger and his capable and caring team know that sometimes your teeth and gums need immediate attention. So they provide prompt and compassionate advice by phone on a wide variety of dental problems. Same-day treatment is available as necessary, too. You'll find that at Challenger Family Dental, your oral function and well-being come first.

How pressing problems happen

The Columbia University College of Dental Medicine says that up to 39 percent of dental injuries occur during sports. That statistic applies to both children and adults, and frankly, a lot of those accidents happen after hours during a Sunday morning soccer game or an after-work pick-up basketball game at the gym.

Often, too, a filling or crown can be suddenly lost during a date night dinner, or severe toothaches can develop at inopportune times and in inconvenient places. What can you do?

Always call

After Hours Dentist in Clayton, NCIf you have any dental concern whatsoever, please call Challenger Family Dental in Clayton right away. The staff will assess your need and provide first aid advice to stabilize your condition. If your need is life-threatening, you will be directed to the nearest hospital emergency room for treatment.

Additionally, if your problem is not life-threatening, but urgent, you may receive a same day or even after hours appointment with the dentist if warranted. For instance, an avulsed, or knocked-out, tooth requires immediate attention. Dr. Challenger may be able to replant and splint the tooth, saving it for many more years of service. The key is timely attention, and that what your after hours dentist aims to provide.

Also, Dr. Challenger recommends some basic safeguards to preserve your dental health. For example:

  • Don't let problems fester. If you begin experiencing pain or dental sensitivity, contact the office for an appointment. The same applies to any chips in teeth or existing restorations such as crowns and fillings. The sooner issues are detected and addressed, the better your oral health will be.
  • If you lose a tooth, try to replace it in the empty socket, and get to Challenger Family Dental Right away. If you cannot put it in the socket, place it in a plastic container with milk or water, or carry it between your cheek and gums until the dentist sees you.
  • If you lose a filling or crown or chip a tooth, save the fragments to bring to Dr. Challenger.
  • Try to dislodge foreign material between your teeth with dental floss.
  • If you fracture or dislocate your jaw, please go to the nearest ER.

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